Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wow! So much has happened since our last post.  We are embarrassed that we have not kept up on our blog but we have been regularly posting on Facebook and this year in 2014 we are going to make it a goal to keep our blog updated with more in depth photos and stories of our creations and any special offers we may have.

Since we posted in October we went through our Christmas season and it was amazing.  This was our first official Christmas in business as Kidman Creations and I think it was more than what we could have expected.  We were very honored to make special one-of-a-kind creations for a lot of people and provide some awesome gifts for many different people ranging from children, company employees, retirees' and everyone in between.

Below you will find pictures of the projects we have finished this holiday season which include a backhoe, road grader, 10 (yes 10) trains, tractor, Freightliner semi truck and trailer and a few others.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Any of these items are available for order but please keep in mind that they were all made-to-order and done to match specifications for the buyer.  We offer "base" models of each item and then we can customize anything with laser engraving and plaques and colors (wood colors) and special details.  We have affordable pricing and we are LOVING the response we are getting right now.

This year, 2014, we plan to continue to grow our company with a goal to make it a full-time job for Scott and we can't do that without people supporting us and sharing our pages and pictures. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures below and please share with your friends.

Road Grader "Base Model"

Backhoe "Base Model"

Freightliner Reefer Truck & Trailer "Customized"
This truck was created using photos provided by the customer.  We had the logo laser engraved on the side.  So many beautiful details on this truck right down to the spare tire under the trailer.

Ford 8N Tractor "Customized"  This tractor was created only from photos from the customer.  It was  very special order that I "rushed" in time for Christmas.  Just a reminder that I do NOT paint any of my creations, the red you see is from Blood Wood.  All details and color changes are just from wood found in this wonderful world.  I think this is one of my favorite projects so far.

The following pictures were taken before our relationship our photographer began.  We are so lucky to have Amanda from Silver Stem Photography take photos of all our finished projects which are available for purchase for a very affordable price (in my opinion).


Train Engine "Basic Model" I make 10 of these for a customer to give for Christmas gifts for his vendors.  Every single one looked a little different because of the woods I had available.

This is another Custom project for a company out of West Memphis.  It is a truck that carries steel beams.  I created the truck from company photos and the steel beams represent the years of service for the employee who received this truck.

This is what started it all!!  This is our "Base Model" of a semi truck with cattle trailer, we also offer it with a flatbed or lowboy trailer also.  This is our "child friendly" truck, in fact this particular one has a hole cut in the top and a tail gate added so some lucky boy can fill it with his animals to haul around.

Thanks again for all the support and please let us know how we are doing and anything you would like to see.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finished Projects

WOW what a Summer we have had. And this last month, September, has been great for us. Scott has finished up some great projects. He did a customized truck for a man retiring from the Air Force. It has truly been a labor of love. He has felt so privileged to make something so special for someone who served our country for such a long time. There is nothing "standard" on this piece it is all customized right down to the Coleman cooler. Nothing is painted, everything that required "color" was done with exotic woods from around the world which include Blood wood and Holly. Blood wood is the reddest wood and Holly is the whitest wood in the world. How awesome it was that we had these materials to make this piece truly special. It now gets sent to Missouri and we cannot wait to get the pictures back from the person receiving it and we only hope it will live up to their expectations.


I will add some more photos with the shadow box on the trailer later tonight.

We have also finished a beautiful train that a Sister Missionary purchased for her father to receive as a Christmas gift while she is in the mission field. It is very beautiful and we delivered a special semi-truck and cattle trailer that we customized for a super special boy to put his animal into. Those pictures will come later.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of todays' big project. Let us know if you would like to see different angles or more detail. I personally love the cooler and the "packs" on top of the cab.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello everyone. I would like to first apologize for the lack of posts and pictures. We have been completely overwhelmed with this new business of ours that time has gotten away from us. Scott has been spending the last month or so finding places to store his supplies and his Creations so that we are able to keep operations going through our long cold winters up here in Northern Utah. We now have that problem solved and the workshop is organized the way Scott likes it and he is now building like a mad man again!!

So with that said we are now looking forward to Christmas. As it is looking right now we are going to be taking orders for Christmas. We wanted to make groups of items to sell but with all the requests for specific items we are already filling up for this fall and have decided the best thing to do was just take individual orders. Right now he is working on a train set and some cattle trucks/trailers all for Christmas gifts. He also has got an order for a custom creation that we are so excited about, and when we get the ok from the clients we will be posting pics as it is being constructed and the final product. Just know it is very special one-of-a kind and Scott is so honored to be making this. We really can't wait to show you.

With all of the moving around and expansion of our facilities we have started another small business which is an off-shoot of Kidman Creations and it is called Acclaimed Wood . What we are offering is the beautiful wood that Scott uses to finish off his projects. So many people have asked us how and where he gets his wood, especially his rare and stunning pieces of wood, and because of this we have decided to offer what we have to the public. We have "Grab Boxes" of miscelaneous pieces of wood that we box up and send to you to help you create or customize your personal creations. Check it out. If you turn wood, or build toys, or craft we can help you. If you need a specific type of wood let us know, chances are we have it. Pass it along, let other's know. The pricing is affordable and everything is sent via USPS Priority Mail.

Thanks for the support and we hope to continue to bring Kidman Creations to everyone who wants one.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hardwood Semi Truck Giveaway

You Know Someone Who Would Love One of Our Semi Trucks or Coin Banks?? We will give away a semi truck and trailer or a Coin Bank(Your Choice) to the person who deserves it the most. To enter we ask that you post a story  or email us( about someone that deserves a hardwood semi truck or a coin bank and why they deserve it. The more stories the better. The challenge will run for the month of April and we will announce the winner the first week in May. We will post this on Facebook please like our page and share our links with friends and family.
 You can post your stories on blogspot in the comment section or comment on our Facebook page or Email us. Checkout our page on Facebook just search for Kidmancreations all one word.

Thanks For your Support.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring time Ramp-Up

So we have an announcement about Kidman Creations.  We will be a vendor at Summer Fest in Logan, Utah this year.  This is a big step for us, it will be the first time showing our pieces to the public and selling them face-to-face.  It is kind of daunting because we have to have so much inventory there.  Right now Scott is working very hard to build up items that we think people will want.  Right now he is working on Semi-truck cabs then he is making a bunch of different trailers to go with them.  We are planning on the cattle hauling trailer, the low-boy, tanker, flat-bed and maybe a few others.  He is also planning on making some front-end loaders (those are always popular) and some fire trucks.  That is a lot but we are sure he can get it done.  There seems to be a lot of interest and we think that people will enjoy being able to look at what he has to offer and if they want special orders can be placed at that time. 

Right now we are working on some collaborations with some other local artists and are excited to see how it turns out.  We are also kicking around ideas to raise our views and friends on Facebook by hosting a giveaway for one of our semi-trucks and trailers.  As soon as we get the kinks ironed out we will announce it and pass it around.

We would like to thank everyone for their support as we go through this process.  This started as a hobby for Scott and now it is growing into so much more.

Below are some photos of what has been going on in our garage this winter.


A few firetrucks he built.  One was for a lucky firefighter Christmas gift and the other was a retirement gift for one of Scott's Assistant Chief's in Ogden.  They both loved their trucks.

These are some of the items we have prepared for Summer Fest this year.  We still have a long way to go but it is a start.

This is a desktop coin bank Scott made.  We are playing around with old jars and items we find at antique stores, the older and different looking the jar the neater the bank looks.  This is one of his first ones and was sold to a friend in Washington.

This is Scott's most favorite cattle-truck.  The trailer is almost all black walnut and this one is going to be forever on our mantle or a place of honor in our home.  It is beautiful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

OPEN to all sales

Browse our posts to see all models available.
These are great attention getters that no other store will have.
If you are looking for that unique gift for retirments, graduation, birthday, or just to decorate this is what you need. These are large detailed working wood models and toys. All models move and you can position them in many different positions.
Prices range from $45.00 up $1000.00

Toy pull along train set $45.00
Semi truck cabs range from $75.00 up to $200.00
Semi trailers range from $75 up to $225.00

Prices may be reduced for ordering multipule items

Looking for retail store and wholesalers

Email us if you would like to be added to our weekly email list

Will promtly return all email

Thanks for your intrest and comments

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wide Variety Available

Wooden Semi Truck Tanker Trailer Set

Wooden Semi Truck with Lowboy Trailer

Wooden Loader

Wooden Trackhoe

Wooden Tractor

Wooden Road Grader

Wooden Log Truck Set

Wooden Semi Truck with Grain Trailer Set

Wooden Dump Truck Trailer with Cat Set